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Making a selection of affordable works to democratize the acquisition of art and to facilitate an accessible, equitable, direct and borderless experience


Tania is a visual artist born in Valencia, Spain.  She graduated from the San Carlos Fine Arts Faculty (Polythechnic University of Valencia) in 2001, completing part of her studies at the Middlesex University in London.  She recently finished the Postgraduate program at the Royal Academy of Arts, London (2017-2021). 

Since she completed her studies, she has been working at her art practice, participating in exhibitions and being awarded national and international grants and awards from Institutions and Foundations such as the Pollock-Krasner Fdn., Bogliasco Fdn., Cajamadrid Fdn., BMW, Newton Investment, Cité des Arts Paris, etc. Through sculpture, painting, photography, film and installations she examines the current historical global context, delving into different specific socio-economical and ideological themes.

The Covid crisis prompted her decision to pursue making art accessible and borderless to everyone.  The taniablancostudio online shop was created in response to long-term concerns about accesibility, the mechanisms of the art market and the present socio-economic climate.

Visit taniablanco.com for a more detailed bio and projects.

What is taniablancostudio?

taniablancostudio is an online store that offers a wide selection of multiples/editions (discarded original works, prints, ceramics, posters, etc) resulting from Tania´s projects and studio experimentation.  The main aim of this platform is to offer an ethical, accessible and sustainable alternative model of acquiring art, challenging contemporary art market mechanisms, democratizing them and eliminating the extra charges of intermediaries commissions.  It serves as an example that a parallel model is possible.

The contemporary art ecosystem and its specific rules severely affects and restricts the access of the general public to art acquisition, resulting in art being limited to the ephemeral possession during a gallery visit experience or the book/online visualization.  However, art acquisition can and must extend beyond a small minority. People who would not normally consider it a possibility to buy contemporary art, as they have more pressing priorities but still have the passion and desire to be surrounded by meaningful works that reflect their world, character, interests, etc, will be able to do so if this format spreads.  In the midst of the era of reproductivity and ever expanding possibilities for direct connection and online communication, it couldn´t be easier.

Beyond interior design trends and standarized mass produced posters, the effort to reduce waste and locally and independently self-produce a selection of original artworks comes as a long-time aspiration that has finally seen the light in the taniablancostudio platform: the result of  months of lockdown reflections and lack of governmental mechanisms to support the most vulnerable cogs in the art wheel (that is, the “artwork makers”). 

Welcome and enjoy it.