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Forget-me-not / print

Forget-me-not / Inkjet print on enhanced Matte Paper 189gsm / 297 x 420 mm, 600 x 420 mm / Edition of 120 / 2018 / signed on the back

The Forget-me-not print depicts an apparently traditional botanical drawing.  Nevertheless, the text on the left hand side of the flowers explains a bit further the importance of this flower.  

The forget-me-not print belongs to a collection of works titled News from the Palace, a project that uses irony and a kind of “soft activism” in order to reflect on the mechanisms that perpetuate the continuity of the current increasing economic inequalities.

News from the palace are originally detailed reproductions of documents made in watercolor, graphite, ink and/or gouache. These documents are appropriations, alterations, fictional recreations and/or, exceptionally, authentic documents that have not required any modifications at all.

Here is a transcription of the text:


In 2011 in Madrid, Spain, the Forget-me-not began to be used as a symbol of remembrance for the casualties of the socio-economic crisis.

This flower was worn to never forget the consequences of corrupt governments, bankers and oligarchs.  Although the citizens of Spain adopted other symbols too, the Forget-me-not is still widely used today.

All prints are wrapped in acid free tissue and packaged in strong cardboard boxes or tubes (depending on the size).
Each print is stamped, signed and numbered by the artist´s hand on the back.  It is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued exclusively by Tania Blanco.