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Gum Logys

Gum Logys  (individual pieces)/ Polymer, magnet / different sizes (size range: 60 x 40 x 25 mm) / originals / 2017 

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The Gum Logys where specifically designed for the News from the palace installation.  They were created as an alternative to traditional framing systems.

NFP consists of a series of digital large size prints that uses irony and “soft activism” in order to reflect on the mechanisms that perpetuate the continuity of the current increasing economic injustice.  Because of the nature and content of the works it seemed appropiate to hold them in a non-orthodox way, pinning with hidden magnets from the corners, using a wide coloured pastel palette of oversized versions of crushed chewing gums.

All works are protected with shredded paper and shipped in sturdy cardboard boxes.  They are also accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued exclusively by Tania Blanco.