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People before the crown / print

People before the crown   / Inkjet, oil and marker ink on paper 110 gsm / 1000 x 700 mm / Edition of 70 / 2021 / stamped and signed on the back

People before the crown is part of the ABM Referendum project, which consists of the recreation of a fictional polling station.  For this purpose all the elements that compose it have been designed and built on purpose (polling booth, polling table, seats, bench, ballot box, ballot slips, propaganda material, abmwebsite, banners, signs, etc).   This referendum materializes the vindication of the right to vote the end, or not, of the British Monarchy and hereditary power.  

The aesthetics of the ABM propaganda is inspired in leaflets and posters of the 1975 Common Market referendum, which was the first national Referendum in the UK and where propaganda had a notorious influence in the result of the polls. Persuasive and biased messages as well as psychological strategies have been designed here to convince the public about the convenience of ending a system that is incompatible with democracy. 
All prints are wrapped in acid free tissue and packaged in strong cardboard boxes or tubes (depending on the size).

Each print is stamped, signed and numbered by the artist´s hand on the back.  It is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued exclusively by Tania Blanco.